Obtain a graphical reference sheet for your keyboard and controller bindings. Once you have set up your bindings you will find them as a 'Custom.2.0.binds' file in your local data directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings). You can upload this file below and obtain your reference sheet.

Advanced Options

You can select which types of control you want to see on the reference:

Ship controls
SRV (buggy) controls
Fighter controls
Multicrew controls
Head look controls
UI controls
Galaxy map controls
Camera controls
Miscellaneous controls

You can use colours to highlight different controls:

Use colours to show different modifiers
Use colours to show different types of control
Don't use colours

If you leave the box below checked then then others can obtain a copy of your custom binds, and your reference sheets will contain the relevant URL for them to do so. If you uncheck the box then no such URL will be published.

Make these bindings available to everyone

Please direct questions and suggestions and support requests to the thread on the official Elite: Dangerous forums